Friday, December 23, 2005

New Baby on the Way

Well, Micah and his girl friend Kimberly are expecting. Here the sonogram. Kimbery is sure you can see the face. Teri and I are happy to have another grandbaby on the way. Lily has a new cousin on the way.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Jammin at the open mic

I'm sitting using the free wifi at an open mic that Melia is putting on. Not many people here - so I felt brave enough to sing a few songs. How strange that the few people who were here decided to take that as their que to leave. I seem to have that affect on folks.... I used to play country music but no one could every figure out which country it was from...

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Holy Huddles

Someone once criticized Sunday morning worship by calling it a holy huddle. I guess the put down is deserved when a church becomes self-centered and isolated from her community. But when church is Jesus-centered, servant-minded and turned outward towards her community a holy huddle could be a positive thing and a necessary part of being whole and healthy.

In football the huddle is a time for the players to gather behind the scrimmage line in order to plan the next play. In the best sense, Sunday worship is kind of like a holy huddle. A weekly time to gather together all the players on God's team so we can regroup and get the plans for the next play.

Could you imagine what it would be like for a football team if players stepped on to the field without attending the huddle? How could they ever hope to get the ball across the field? How could the coach plan the plays not knowing which players knew the plans or would show for the game?

With this in mind, part of the Faith Promise Card asked Westminster members to make worship and prayer priorities for 2006. I was encouraged to see that out if all the Faith Promise Cards received, 54 individuals pledged to make worship and prayer priorities for 2006. This is a great start, but I would like to see that number increase before the year is over. I'm hoping that at least 200 people would make a commitment to be in worship and to pray for our church in 2006. It is hard to be a winning team, when players miss the huddle. Consider sending a email (, phoning a message (294-7447 X12) or drop a note in the offering basket and let me know that you want Westminster to be winning team and will make worship and prayer priorities in 2006.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Jr High Time

Well, it's 2;26 AM and I just discover a wireless access signal in the Christain Ed building. What am I doing here at 2:30 AM? We are having a fun cool Jr High lock in! We went to see the new Narnia Movie - It was great! Earlier in the day we decorated a room to look like Narnia. The kids had to enter through a wardrobe and we had a lamp post and stone table. The thought it was pretty cool. Right now the girls are in one room watching movies and the guys are in another room playing video games. True jr. high!