Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Kind Words from Pastor Nancy Schell

You might have heard of the hard time our family has been going through. The church has been wonderfully supportive and kind. Here are some kind words from Rev Nancy that were written for the church newsletter:
Dear Family,
We here at Westminster are a particular part of the family of God. Called together by our Lord, we continue to learn day by day what it means to be a healthy family. How does each of us learn the skills necessary for living together? How do we care for each other, support each other, accept each other for the persons we are?
For almost eighty years, Westminster has been my family--through the good times and the hard times. Eight years ago, we called Rev. Steve and Teri Norman into this family, to walk with us and help us grow and change. I have watched as Steve has helped us find a new vision of what Westminster can become.
I have admired Steve's honesty, openness, and vulnerability. One of my continuing frustrations is how we can care and love each other if we are not willing to admit where we are hurting. How can we be "wounded healers" unless we are willing to reveal our own struggles? Pastor Steve has been a model of this by his personal integrity.
As the Apostle Peter wrote in his letter to the Christians scattered over the known world, "You are a kingdom of priests." Today each of us here at Westminster is a priest for our God, speaking for our Lord to the people and speaking for the people to our Lord. Right now we are called to pray to God for Pastor Steve and Teri in their struggles, to care for them, and support them with our love. Tomorrow any one of us might be the one who stands in that place of need.
Together let us be the Body of Christ!