Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pathology Report!

If anyone was wondering - the reports were fine on the tumor that was removed! Thanks for your prayers, The Doctor also removed a burn scar that I had since I was an infant. My shoulder feels like I am wearing a shirt that is about 3 sizes to small, but I am told that it will stretch out and feel normal in a few weeks.

Monday, January 29, 2007

A very moving poem

This is a very moving poem from the Writer's Almanac radio show:

Poem: "A Boy in a Bed in the Dark" by Brad Sachs, from In the Desperate Kingdom of Love: Poems 2001-2004. © Chestnut Hills Press, 2004.

A Boy in a Bed in the Dark

Born with a cleft palate,
My two-year-old brother,
Recovering from yet another surgery,
Toddled into our bedroom
Toppled a tower of blocks
That I had patiently built
And in a five-year-old's fury
I grabbed a fallen block
And winged it at him
Ripping open his carefully reconstructed lip.
The next hours were gruesomely compressed
Ending with a boy in a bed in the dark
Mute with fear
Staring out into the hallway with horror
As the pediatrician went in and out of the bathroom
With one vast blood-soaked towel after another
Shaking his head worriedly.
My brother's howls
And my parents' cooed comfort
Became the soundtrack to this milky movie
That plays
In my darkest theatre,
The one that I sidle past each night
With a shudder
And a throb in my fist

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Just a quick update for those who might be wondering... The surgery went well. They removed a fatty tumor that weighed about 2 LBS! and cyst the size of a large walnut. I ache a bit and pain pills are helping. My folks are here helping me out. I get a pathology report in the next day or so, but I am not expecting any bad news. Thanks for all the prayers! They are being answered.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Poem in progress

I've got a problem
I wish I could dismiss it.
Life would be simpler if there was no meaning
But when I look around me there is no denying God.

I just posted some old pictures of myself at www.revnorman.com - you might find them amusing...