Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Link to more camping pictures

There a lots more great Hot August Moons camping pictures at http://www.rjweb.org/wpc/2007-08-camping/index.html or click on the title of this post.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Even more Rich wedding pictures

Rich had three good friends attend and Leanne had three good friends attend we all hit off really well and had a fun time. After Rich and Leanne left on the honeymoon we took a walk downtown and then returned for a quick jump in the pool. The night before we sat around the kitchen table with the lights out, watching a mid-western thunder storm and telling tales about Rich and Leanne - Great fun!

Rich's Wedding Part Two

The ceremony went well. The bride was lovely and Rich looked pretty good too. Everyone had a great time. Here are a few more pictures - sorry no dog pictures and no house pictures - maybe next visit I'll get some of those to share...

Rich's Wedding Part One

Many of the readers of this blog know Rich Willliams. I am in Neosho, MO this week to perfom his wedding. His bride is a great gal named Leanne. Between them they have 5 dogs! Cabboose, Barnabus, Angel, Rock and Mister. Sort of a yours, mine and ours type of thing. They bought a beautiful historic home that I will try to get some pictures of tomorrow. And maybe a few dog pictures too. These pictures are from the rehearsal. There is an awesome mid-western thunder storm going on right now - it is 2:30 AM - lightening is flashing! Thunder is rolling! My hotel windows are wide open. It is really great!

Monday, August 20, 2007

WPC Church Picnic

We had a great picnic on Sunday. Rick James took some very nice pictures. You can see more pictures at http://www.rjweb.org/wpc/2007-08-picnic/index.php

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Princess Class

Lily recently attended a "Princess class" it was a week full of little girls learning about being princesses! At the end they had a princess recital. Here are a few pictures.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hot August Moons at Tahoe

I just returned from a fun week camping with families from Westminster at Sugar Pines Campgrounds at Lake Tahoe. We laughed, sang, ate, fished, rode bikes and played together. It was a great week. A highlight was a daily jam session with Steve and Sean Frost. Steve brought along an acoustic bass and Sean and I had acoustic guitars. We jammed on some old CSN&Y, John Mayer, Clapton, Robben Ford and of course - the old standard 12 bar blues. I think the other campers enjoyed the music…. At least we kept the bears away if nothing else...