Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Back packing blues

I didn't go back packing this year. I saw the group off at 6:30 AM. They loaded their packs in the trailer. We made a circle, prayed and sang the doxology. The hopped in the vehicals and left. I took off for Starbucks and waved as the turned on to Julian Street. All through the day I prayed for them and as i did I pictured what they would be doing. Driving, talking, laughing, pit stops, getting the permit and eventually strapping on their packs and taking the long hike up the hill. Sweating, eating dust, straining, groaning, pushing on and the end getting there! The lake, the trout, the camp fires, the long talks, pooping in the woods and drinking filtered water from the lake. I wish I was there. God bless the back packers!

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Anonymous said...

i need a trail that i can go back packing for two days on i live in davenport ia i need somthing that is near here
please help me
thank you jake