Wednesday, March 02, 2005

More about stealing garbage

I'm still concerned about my garbage being stolen. I did a google search on the subject to see if other folks have had their garbage stolen or maybe confessions of garbage stealers. I found nothing about stealing garbage. I found many comments about stealing garbage cans. It seems like there is a lot of garbage can stealing going on, but not much about stealing the garbage and leaving the can. I'm thinking about setting at trap next week to catch the garbage thief, if he/she strikes again. Possibly a rat trap on top of the garbage. Any other ideas?


Heather said...

Do you have something good in your garbage? Do you think it's being stolen by people or animals?

You could try posting a sign on your can. Also, bagging in a black tightly-tied bag and/or a sealed trash can helps. Make your trash look as uninteresting as possible.


revnorman said...

I've been watching CSI and I think they are after DNA samples!