Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Poem

This is a wonderful poem and picture that my daughter made for me as a Father's Day present about 10 years ago. The picture is from 1985 or '86 when we spent a very happy day spent at Pictured Rocks National Monument in Munising, MI. Micah can be seen as a toddler and Melia must be a first grader. I was 30 something. There is a picture of the poem as the layout seems to add to the feeling and meaning.

Inadequate words of good intent to sooth things unspoken.
I show my heart, my need, your constant gift of patience, kindness, this is love.

Take peace, know that you have given all-
Know that He knows, Know that he loves- that the eyes of a proud Father look down upon you as the eyes of a daughter look up for guidance.

Things lost, life rushes on- you’ve not been swept aside.
A constant faith, unending selfless striving to show your heart, to fill the need with your gift of patience, kindness, this is love.

1 comment:

chris e. said...

So Sweet (tears).
Thanks for sharing.
Miss you guys.