Wednesday, May 10, 2006

When it rains it pours!

This has been a crazy day. I'm up in SF watching Aric and Abel while Peter and Amber attend a really cool trade show in LA. We have been having a good time hanging out. Earlier Micah calls with news that Kimberly may have some problems with the baby and her health and the doctors are wondering if they should terminate the pregnancy or induce early labor - After we all flipped out the doctors decided things weren't as bad as they thought and Kimberly could continue the pregnancy - but she needs to come back for tests after the delivery.... Then Melia calls and they are taking Lily to the emergency ward because she is favoring her left arm and whimpering when mom and dad try to move it . . . Last I heard all was well - but they were waiting to see another doctor. They haven't called back so I'm hoping that is good news. I am keeping my kids and grandkids in nonstop prayer.

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