Friday, July 28, 2006

Could this be Sunday?

Here is a poem from the Writer's Almanac. It is a very cool PBS show that you can subscribe to as a podcast. I have a link to it on my sidebar. Any way - it is about a poetry reading gone bad. But I wondered if it might not also apply to some Sunday morning sermons....

Poem: "A Reading" by Wendy Cope from If I Don't Know. © Faber and Faber.

A Reading

Everybody in this room is bored.
The poems drag, the voice and gestures irk.
He can't be interrupted or ignored.

Poor fools, we came here of our own accord
And some of us have paid to hear this jerk.
Everybody in the room is bored.

The silent cry goes up, 'How long, O Lord?'
But nobody will scream or go berserk.
He won't be interrupted or ignored.

Or hit by eggs, or savaged by a horde
Of desperate people maddened by his work.
Everybody in the room is bored,

Except the poet. We are his reward,
Pretending to indulge in his every quirk.
He won't be interrupted or ignored.

At last it's over. How we all applaud!
The poet thanks us with a modest smirk.
Everybody in the room was bored.
He wasn't interrupted or ignored.

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