Saturday, March 10, 2007

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DARE TO BELIEVE (Stonehill/Kilpatrick)
I admit my faith is small and I’m easily distracted
My imitation of myself is poorly overacted
And the mirror shows the lines upon my face
I get to wondering if I’m one more hopeless case
It’s just so hard to wrap my heart and mind around,
This thing called grace (you’ve got to)


Turn off your television, shut off the radio
Listen to your own heart beating
Listen to the wind blow and
Feel the sun on your face
Fell the tears in your eyes and
Dare to believe that Jesus loves you
Dare to believe He really loves you

At times I think my prayers are some kind of delusion
And even if God’s listening, my words are an intrusion
My failures make up such a lengthy list
I think of all the chances I have missed
This penchant for self-loathing is a hard one to resist

It’s as easy and as hard as this
To accept that Love is living and real
You’ve got to step out off the edge into the great unknown
If you want to fell God’s hand beneath your heel

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