Thursday, July 26, 2007

iPod Tales

I recently sent a friend the following story and thought I would post it here (with a few embellishments) for all to read. It might bring a tear to your eye.

My iPod died yesterday. Poor iPod. I originally got it for free from my son, Peter. He said that it didn’t work and I could have it – GEE THANKS! But it was cool, because it only cost 50 bucks to repair. It was an old Photo iPod – so no video or cool games. But it worked well and I loved it. I had it for a few joy filled months and then one fateful day I dropped it in the sink while washing the dishes and it drowned. A warm hair dryer helped along with a trip to the Mac repair shop. ($180 – I should have buried it then). Then, it stopped working a little over a week ago and I took it in and they said they couldn't fix it - BUT when I got home it worked! The iPod lives!
Yesterday, it was in the cup holder in my car. I spilt coffee and thought it missed the iPod only to find when getting to the gym that I had filled the bottom of the cup holder with coffee and my iPod was soaking in it! The poor thing thought it was charging, really it was shorting out. I was able to trade it in and get 10% off a new model...
So today is my first day with my new iPod! I am already thinking I should have gotten the 80 gig instead – after loading all my music, books and podcasts – it took up 20 gigs! I could dump some podcasts....

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