Sunday, November 11, 2007

God is good

I had a wonderfully fun dinner at a friend's home tonight and after I came home rocked Silas for a while and later when spending some time in prayer and meditation, I found this beautiful prayer:

Teach us, O Father, to trust thee with life and death,
And (though this is harder by far)
With the life and death of those that are dearer to us
Than our life.

Teach us stillness and confident peace
In thy perfect will,
Deep calm of soul, and content
In what thou wilt do with these lives thou hast given.

Teach us to wait and be still,
To rest in thyself,
To hush this clamorous anxiety,
To lay in thine arms all this wealth thou hast given.

Thou lovest these souls that we love
With a love far surpassing our own
As the glory of noon surpasses the gleam of a candle

Therefore will we be still,
And trust in thee.
John S. Hoyland, 1887-1957

1 comment:

chris e. said...

Dear Steve,
Pray for you often.
Want God's Best For YOU.