Friday, February 01, 2008

Lent Adventure 2008

Lent Adventure 2008

Be prepared for worship to be a bit different during lent this year. The 2008 Lent Adventure will take us to discover the old tradition of the Way of the Cross. The Way of the Cross or Stations of the Cross artistically depict scenes from the last hours of Jesus' life as he is condemned to death by Pilate, carries his cross, is crucified, dies and his body is placed in the tomb. For centuries Christians have used these depictions of the stations as a way to pray and meditate on this moving and important part of Jesus' life and ministry. Although there is no set number of stations, most Roman Catholic churches celebrate 14 stations. We will follow a version that uses 6 stations. Each Sunday during lent we will journey through a station of the cross. Using drama, art, prayer, music and scripture, walking the Stations will become a way to walk with Jesus along the way of suffering. By identifying with Jesus' suffering we come to understand God's heart poor and hurting people. By walking the way of the cross we can gain some insight into the great price Jesus paid for our salvation. I'm hoping as we can stretch a little and gain much from this ancient Christian practice.

Special Lent Small Groups are returning. The small groups will be doing an Intervarsity study called, Simplicity and Fasting. This study guide explores the disciplines of simplicity and fasting—foreign ideas these days. Yet leading a simple life can help us focus on what's truly important. Fasting in this study is about more than refraining from food. It is about freeing up our lives and clearing our minds of clutter so that we can become hungry for the things that really matter. It is said, "Less is more." What would happen if we spent less? Spoke less? Ate less? What is the purpose of fasting? What are the benefits of leading a simple life? There are several small group options for adults, college age and high school youth. You can sign up for a small group during coffee hour. The Lent Adventure begins with the Ash Wednesday Service oh Feb. 6 at 7PM in Mission Hall.

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Ruth Y said...

Steve... it has been a very exciting adventure.... hearing you preach and watching Celeste create such incredible and beautiful drawings. We are so blest to have you both. God is GOOD!!