Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Africa Mission Update

It was over a year ago that I first felt a nudge from the Spirit about a Westminster Africa Mission trip. The night that Missionary Frank Dimmock spoke to us about his mission, He invited us to pray about sending a group to Africa. I thought, “Wow this might fit well with our vision for short term missions at WPC.” Then I sensed a still small voice saying, “We could do that.”

Over the next year, I talked with our missions committee, held several informational meetings, got educated, and prayed.

Here’s what I have learned:
• WPC has many connections to Africa through members of our church and through ongoing mission support.
• WPC has adults who are interested and willing to go on a mission trip outside the US.
• African pastors urge US churches who are contemplating a mission trip to Africa to send a representative on a pre-trip to build relationships a year or so before the group arrives.
• We need to visit our missionaries and participate on the field as a major way to revitalize WPC’s vision for world missions.
• It is important for the senior pastor to lead the way in local and world mission.

Action Steps:
I am going on a pre-mission trip June 4 -24 to visit several possible projects, develop relationships, and visit some of our missionaries. While in Africa, will be visiting Uganda, Tanzania, and possibly Lesotho. On the way home, I’ll be visiting our missionaries in Austria.

When I return, we will settle on a project and move forward with setting dates for a 2009 Africa Mission Trip with a team of 8 – 10 adults.
Please pray for this effort, and seek the Lord as to how you might be personally involved.

Get involved:
Contact pastor Steve Norman to find out how you can be a part of this mission.
(408)-294-7447 X12,

Stay Connected:
Check out Westminster’s Africa Mission Blog for more updates and info- See link to the right.

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