Friday, June 20, 2008


This is my second day in Austria. I arrived yesterday after an 8 hour plane flight, 4 hour lay over and another 2 hours in the air from Brussels. It was quite an adventure. I sat next to a diplomat's relative from Entebbe to Brussels, who gave me a great inside view of East African life and politics.

Changing money from dollars to euro was quite the shock! $300 dollars came out to about 175 euro. In Uganda it was quite the opposite with $100 coming to 155500 schillings.

It has been really good to see the Mann's and learn more about what God is doing through their lives in Austria. They live right on the Danube river. I've been watching boats and barges pass by from their window. Tonight they will have a prayer meeting in their home with folks that help them in their ministry. I think it will all be in German, so this should be interesting. Being in places where English is not the main language has been an interesting and challenging part of the trip. Tanzania's official language is Swahili. Some people knew a little English - but I only knew how to say, "Hello. How are you? I am fine." in Swahili and not very well at all and it didn't get me very far. Fortunate, Godfrey my Tanzanian guide and friend was never too far away and could rescue me!

When I get home, I hope to post some pictures and go through my journal to recount some of my experiences over the past few weeks.

Thanks to everyone who has been writing me emails even though I haven't been able to answer very often. The messages from home have been great


Jared and Heather said...

Cool! I didn't know you were going to meet up with them! I hope you had a good time!

mustdye said...

Glad to hear that all's going good with you Steve :-)
Our Great-Grandfather was from Austria...