Thursday, September 04, 2008

You asked for it!

A lot of folks have commented that they noticed that I’ve lost a lot of weight from seeing my pictures on my blog and have asked for my secret. Here it is:

As of today, I have lost 80 pounds and 4 pants sizes! It has taken about 2.5 years. About a year or so ago my son-in-laws parents shared this diet with me. It speed up my weight loss and it has worked wonders. I have lost around 50 of those pounds on this diet. I don’t know where the diet originated. It says it is from the Max Planck Institute of Nutrition in Germany – but they claim that it is not from them.

I do the diet for 2 weeks and then stabilize at that weight for at least a month if not two before trying it again. Exercise has also been key. I started with cardio once or twice a week and now exercise every day for an hour and just added weights a few days ago.

Just a couple of more things about the diet:
• It is not really from Max Planck Institute of Nutrition, Germany. They deny any connection.
• The diet claims that you can lose 20 pounds in two weeks. The Max Planck Institute of Nutrition also says that even if you were starving you would not lose the amount of weight the diet claims you would lose - so don't expect a 20 lb loss!
• I do think you can expect a 5 -10 lbs loss.
• I would follow it as closely as possible the first time to do it and modify it later. I have suggestions for modification when you go for it the next time. I did break down the second week my first time through and added cream to my coffee and salad dressing...
• Taking a multivitamin is really important and drink lots of water. I take a multivitamin for men, E, C, Fish Oil, Garlic and cranberry pills.
• You should also try to exercise 3 times each week for a minimum of 30 mins of good cardio - like a treadmill or bike - bikes are good for lower impact on your feet and knees.
• I would then take off a week or two (sometimes a month) before doing the diet again - during that time I would eat low carb (Adkins maintenance style) and no sugar and alcohol only once a week (why does beer have to be so fattening?)
• Sleeping at least 8 hours is good for weight loss
• Eating after 7:30 PM is a bad thing
• Tell yourself constantly “It is only for two weeks!”
• I found it helpful to buy all the food for each week in advance and pre-make as many meals as possible- especially the lunches - I often graze on the food for the day rather than just eat it at meal time

A few modifications:
I interpret green salad as any vegetable you would put in a salad – cucumber, tomato, olives, onions, and so on.
Sometimes I get sick of salad and have a vegetable.
I have mushrooms and onions with my steak.
I use steak sauce, ketchup, mustard, salad dressing.
I often fry stuff rather than grill or boil it.

Here is an unedited version of the diet. Don’t believe what is claims at the end:

Breakfast as much black coffee without sugar as desired
Lunch 2 boiled eggs, spinach with little salt
Dinner 1 big steak (grilled or broiled) or 3 roasted mini-steaks, green salad and any
amount of fruit

Breakfast as much black coffee without sugar as desired, 1 serving-sized bread item
Lunch 1 big steak, green salad and any amount of fruit
Dinner boiled ham without limit

Breakfast as much black coffee without sugar as desired, 1 serving-sized bread item
Lunch 2 boiled eggs, lettuce and tomatoes
Dinner boiled ham and green salad

Breakfast as much black coffee without sugar as desired, 1 serving-sized bread item
Lunch 1 boiled egg, boiled or raw carrots, Swiss cheese
Dinner fruit and natural yogurt

Breakfast as much black coffee without sugar as desired, carrots with lemon
Lunch steamed fish and tomatoes
Dinner 1 steak and green salad

Breakfast as much black coffee without sugar as desired, 1 serving-sized bread
Lunch grilled (or broiled) chicken
Dinner 2 boiled eggs, carrots

Breakfast tea with lemon and without sugar
Lunch 1 grilled or broiled steak, fruit of choice
Dinner free: whatever one chooses – whatever one wishes

The food and drink items cited above without any quantity or amount specified may be consumed in any amount desired. Throughout this diet, one should be drinking large quantities of mineral water. Throughout this diet, alcohol in any form is strictly forbidden. On the 8th day, the diet plan begins again from the beginning and runs for another week (2 weeks altogether). After the two weeks, one may resume normal eating habits.

When one strictly keeps to this diet plan as it is laid out here, he/she will lose 9 kg. (ca. 20 lbs.) in the two-week period. Clothing size will be changed, and the lost weight will not be regained for three years.

(From the Max Planck Institute of Nutrition, Germany) (not)

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