Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Father's Love Begotten

QUESTION: How do our holiday celebrations reflect the love of God as expressed in the life and ministry of Jesus?
ANSWER: Not very well.
The very sad truth is that our Christmas celebrations are often marked by consumerism and overindulgence. It is not that God is anti-celebration. God loves it when his people celebrate. In fact the Bible commands us to celebrate the good things of God.
During Advent we’ll look at four Advent celebrations in Scripture and ask two questions: What is being celebrated? And how could our Christmas celebrations reflect the Father’s love begotten through Jesus in the world today? Come and explore new ways to celebrate that are more congruent with the one whose birth we are celebrating November 30 – December 21 at Westminster.
So here is an advent idea:
How about having a family meeting this week and talk about Christmas and how you celebrate it?
Share stories about the “comfort foods” of Christmas – not just he foods but the things you always want to do because they bring you closer together and remind you of home and family.
Share the things that drive you a bit crazy at Christmas and could be discontinued.
Share about new things you could do to make this Christmas more Christian.
Agree on a plan for a simpler, more Christian Christmas.
For ideas- Find out about the Advent Conspiracy:

More alternative celebration ideas:

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