Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Update on the Ordination Standards Vote:

According to a Presbyterian News Service press release our denomination decided for the fourth time in 12 years to require that ordained church leaders are to be faithful in marriage and chaste if single.
Terry Schlossberg of the Presbyterian Coalition, a group that supported defeat of the change made this comment:
Since the 1970s the PC (USA) has heard, considered, and responded to appeals to change her standard of sexual morality. Those who wish to change the biblically rooted standard have continually pressed the matter and required repeated votes that have had the same outcome each time. It is well past time to acknowledge that the Church today, as throughout her history, knows her mind on this matter, and that it is the mind of Christ. It is time to call for forbearance from those who constantly disturb the peace and unity of the church. It is time to live into our decision about sexual morality. Now it is time to live out the decision pastorally, leading people out of our society's sexual confusion into repentance and newness of life.

Sad to say the PCUSA is fragmented and disjointed in our understandings of many of the core beliefs that have long held us together. The debate about sexual behavior is not the cause but rather a symptom of a much deeper divide. We are sorely divided on common understanding of Scripture, who Jesus is and what He calls His church to do and be. I appreciate Terry Schlossberg’s words and encouragement. It is time to move forward from endless debates. After over 30 years of lobbying for gay ordination it is time to stop disturbing the peace and unity of the church. Please pray for the PCUSA and ask God to reform us once again.

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Debbie Piper said...

Well said, Terry. Well said, Steve.

Our broken and hurting world is in great need of the healing, restoration and ministry available to all through Jesus and His bride, the church. Let us remain united with Christ, faithful to His Word, and live out our calling to be salt, light, and ambassadors of reconciliation to God available through Jesus!