Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jesus is alive and well at New Hope Community Church

It has been a wonderful first month at New Hope! I am finding New Hope to be a lively, joyful group of faithful Christians. A lot of good things are going on here! We need to share the good news that Jesus is alive and well and dwelling among us at New Hope Community Church.
Before my first official Sunday at NHCC, I visited a worship service. Driving up to the property, I wondered if I was either too early or way too late. From Peralta Blvd. it appeared that no one was here and nothing much was going on. I was so surprised when I pulled into the driveway and saw a parking lot full of cars, people gathered by the entrance to the ministry center, and smiling greeters passing out bulletins. I thought, “Wow, this must be the best kept secret in Fremont!” And I wondered, “How can we let our neighbors know we are here worshipping God on Sundays? This should not be kept a secret.” During worship a few simple ideas came to mind. As I share them, God might bring some more ideas to you.
I decided that could to park out on the street in front of the church on Sundays. This way folks driving by will see that something is happening here. I am hoping that other church members might join me in this. We still need some cars in our parking lot, but it would be good if a few of us could park out front. Another way to let folks know we are here is to have a few A-frame signs out front on Sundays, maybe with a few helium balloons attached to create some interest. I am looking into having some signs made. Before I do that, I also am looking for someone who would be interested in putting the signs out each Sunday before worship and putting them back afterwards. Let me know if you feel called to help.
These simple things will help get the word out, but the best and most effective way to get the word out has not changed since Jesus walked the ancient roads of Galilee. The best and most effective way to get the word out has always been by word of mouth. We have no problem telling friends if we get a good deal at a local store or find a good restaurant or a good car mechanic. Businesses rise and fail on the words shared from the mouths of their customers. It is no different with churches. The words we share have great power to build up and to tear down. Telling our friends, neighbors and people that Jesus is alive and well and dwells among us as we gather in His name at New Hope Community Church is good news and needs to be shared. Who might you share this good word with today?

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