Friday, September 08, 2006

Lily Movie

I received this video in my email today and thought you might enjoy it. Click on the title of this entry

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I tried every way I knew how to view Lily's movie and couldn't figure it out (sob).

We were in Winnipeg, Manitoba, night before last, and Regina, Saskatchewan last night on our way to another week in Banff (Canadian Rockies). Ca$h is with us (Shiloh, our dog, Grant and I) this time. He took possession of his new apartment at Windjammers on September 6th (the day before we left on this vacation, but the carpet needed cleaning, so we arranged for the cat smell to be removed before we left on "brand new" carpet).

Using Grant's wireless here. Our cell phone doesn't work in Canada.

Enjoy your sabbatical! We're certainly enjoying our retirement (5 years, now!)

The morning we left Shane, Andrea and Raeanna (3) near Minneapolis, Andrea called to tell Shane she was pregnant again! Due May 8th! PTL!

In our Lord Jesus' Love, In Love with our Lord Jesus,

Donna Petersen