Friday, September 29, 2006

News Letter Article

Dear Church,

I have really been enjoying preaching on the Six Great Purposes of the Church. The Great Purposes, also known as the Great Ends of the Church, are a six mission statements for the Presbyterian Church USA. They were adopted around 1908 and even though the language is a bit old fashioned the direction they point us to is still valid and relevant to the church in today's world.

Preaching on the Six Great Purposes reminded me that the church is not the building and that worship is not about the people up front on Sundays like the pastor, choir or worship team. The church is made up of people who are called to follow Jesus. The worship service is about God and for God. One of the goals of the 2006 vision is increased involvement in worship and prayer. My prayer during my sabbatical is that WPC worship attendance is better than ever and that the ministry of Westminster continues to forward and grow in serving God and reaching out to our community as we equip believers to answer the call of God on their lives. I 'm so thankful for the great leadership of our session and support staff and their willingness to help make my sabbatical a reality. Please pray for them and support them in my absence. I will miss you all and look forward to returning renewed and refreshed in February.


kitanaor said...

Hello, Reverend. I've started to attend WPC on a regular basis for a little over a month. When I read the announcements for your sabbatical and the requests that you be left to use the sabbatical to your full advantage, the thought crossed my mind, did that include not going to church anymore? Would you stop attending so as not to be "bothered"? I never asked you, so I was very, very happy to see you in church this morning.

If attending your own church is part of your support during this time, then that to me, is a strong indication of what the congregation means to you. You are someone who also benefits from what its people provides. And that is a firm message to someone who is looking for a congregration strong enough to help its pastor as well as be helped by him/her.

You have a very interesting blog. I will have to check it out more often. Thanks,

kitanaor said...

And then I saw the sabbatical doesn't start for another two weeks. Heh. Oops. So......will you be going to church during your sabbatical and when you are not away on travel? :)