Friday, June 22, 2007

Father's Day

Father's Day was a great time this year. We went on a camping / fishing trip to Clear Lake. Peter, Micah Mann, Melia and Lily all came. Micah Norman had to stay home because of work, but I found a very cool Father's Day gift and card from Micah in a basket when I got home.

A highlight of the trip was our outing to see Weird Al in concert. We had 7th row seats in the center. He did just about all his best songs complete with costume changes and other special effects. I tried to get some pictures but nothing came out very well. The picture is of Weird Al in his fat costume for "You're Fat".

We caught a bunch of fish - Micah Mann was the winner with a 14" bass! Yeah Micah! Lily wasn't able to reel her fish in but she did get to pet one…

Another fun time was the night hikes! We took some late night hikes to hear the bullfrogs, see the stars, we saw deer and one night saw a raccoon washing up in the stream.

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