Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sequim, WA

I am returning home today after a great week of R & R! REST AND RENEWAL! Some good friends from my old church in Canoga Park invited me for a week in beautiful Sequim, WA. I spent each day reading and walking and reflecting. I think these pictures will tell the story.
There are snow capped mountains and beautiful clouds. The flowers in people's yards and along the road are outstanding. One day I had a wonderful 5 mile walk along a stretch of the Discovery Trail. It started along a stream and then went along the ocean for most of the walk. I could see huge slow moving freighters and a ferry that goes back and forth to Canada. Green trees, wild flowers, stark cliffs- The rugged beauty made me wonder how anyone could doubt that there is a creator.

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mustdye said...

Very nice Steve...

It's great when you get to stop and just wonder at the beauty of it all.