Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Foot Surgery

Hey - If anyone is wondering the surgery went well! I am home alone recovering (don't tell my Dr because he wanted to someone to be with me all day). I just watched Will Smith in the Pursuit of Happiness and the switched to Oprah and she is interviewing Will Smith I see a theme...what does this mean...probably that I WILL be able to continue to PURSUE HAPPINESS until the meds wear off in a few hours...


Debbie Piper said...

I didn't know you were having surgery, but am glad you're recovering. We'll look forward to talking with you over the holidays. And now for some advice (that you didn't ask for):
1. Follow your doctor's orders.
2. Take your pain meds regularly.
3. Stay off your foot until the doctor says you can walk around.

Steve said...

O yes - everyone has been reminding me!