Monday, April 10, 2006

Holy Week

Palm Sunday was very good. I really felt confident getting back to preaching. We had good attendance and I felt that Jesus was with us. Today is a busy day - pastor's prayer meeting, new tires on the car, finish taxes, mail a book I sold on eBay, counseling, support group and more - I think I need to get over the reality that I won't complete everything and just complete the most important items. Here is a new picture of my darling granddaughter -


chris e. said...

What a SWEET photo. Thanks for sharing.
My little choir sang, the adult choir sang, Brad wrote a new song for yesterday "Believe" based on John 12, and our youth director Andrew played drums and Brad on guitar for my young choir.
CPPC will have 12 new members next week.
God Bless You all.

Anonymous said...

She looks just like her mom.