Monday, April 24, 2006

Over Fifty Fun

Well, well, well, there are so many new fun after 50 experiences! I finally gave in to my doctor's wishes a few days ago and completed my complete physical examination. Yes, COMPLETE physical examination. Last Friday Dr. Chui, a very nice man went where no man has gone before. He was great and the procedure was painless and over before I knew it - BUT no flowers, no dinner and not even a phone call the next morning. Well, actually his nurse called yesterday to see how I was doing, but I though that was a bit impersonal.

The strangest part of the procedure was waking up half way through, watching everything on a monitor and getting a guided tour of my innards by Dr. Chui as he was extracting the five foot long endoscope. Very surreal. He gave me a set of pictures to take home to commemorate the event. I decided that I would save you and not post them here.


mustdye said...

I don't like the thought of having this done...
The Dr. has propositioned me seeing as my Dad died at 53 of colon cancer.

revnorman said...

It wasn't that bad - BUTT I have spoken to some peple who were not sedated - be sure you are sedated!

Deneice said... more reading your blog!